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Home Banking Tips

Our Home Banking system has a variety of resources! See below for descriptions and how-tos.

E-Statements: With e-statements you can have access to your statements on the first of every month, and continue to access them for free for a year. You will have access to statements beginning with the month you enroll in e-statements. Click on the Statements tab to view your statements.

Alerts: There are several different types of electronic alerts you can sign up for! You can receive alerts via e-mail or text message. Go to the Alerts tab and click the drop down menu next to Add New to select your alerts.

  • Balance Alert: Get notified when you balance drops below a certain amount. You select the account and amount you would like to be notified about.
  • Check Cleared: Get notified when a check you wrote clears your account. All you need is the check number to set up this alert.
  • Loan Payment: Get a reminder sent to you before your loan payment is due. You select how many days in advance you want to be notified.
  • Maturity Date: Get notification when the maturity date is approaching for your Share Certificate.
  • Periodic Balance: Sign up for balance alerts at regular intervals, including daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Personal Alert: Send yourself an alert about anything you would like. Set the alert date and type in your own message.
  • Transaction Alert: Get notified when certain transactions occur. Set this up using the transaction description or dollar amounts.

Transfers: Make transfers in real time with only a few clicks!

  • Go to the Transfers tab, then select the account you want to transfer from.
  • Next select the account you want to transfer to. A list of your accounts and loans will show up first. You may also transfer to another member's account if you know their name, member number, and account type (savings accounts are typically type 01 and checking accounts are type 09). You may also select the option Transfer to Check to have a Teller Check pulled from your account and mailed to you.
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer. You can also enter a description for your records.
  • Click Transfer.
  • The next screen will tell you how much you are about to transfer and asks if you want to proceed. To complete the transfer, click Yes.

View and Print Account History: Go to the Accounts tab, then click on History next to the account you want to view. Select the date range you wish to view. Click the Print button in the upper right hand corner of the screen if you would like to print your account history.